Help : (x,y,z,image) to 3D and image warping


I have a set of data (512x512) including :smile:

X(M),Y(M),Z(M) ,image(M)

where X,Y,Z are in meters and image in byte

I would like to export a.step or vrml file with the image warped on the 3D model.
I just do not know how to do this.
Help would be welcome


Michele: Need to help use old folks out:

  1. fix profile, graphics is not ,RAM, OS is windows 7,8, 10, etc?, SU make is not 32 but 8, ā€¦2013,2014,2015 or??. Just some nits but helps with answer.
    Since you mention 3D model does ( 512x512) men it is image or actual model and image is not byte but jpg with pixels ( x,y) or ??
    Can you import the image into you 3d model.
    If you really have 3d model post it here, if you can import image into model you will need to find known dimension and scale it so size is correct for model.
    Apology if Iā€™m way off base>