Help with trimming

I am trying to model the panel clamp sold by Rockler (a very handy tool). In the attached file there are 4 scenes:

  1. Object to cut - The clamp body, 2) Cutter - the object I want to trim with, 3) The object after trimming, 4) PIC - screenshot of Rockler clamp for reference. My issue is with the object after trimming - there are no faces where the cutter removed the material. This is clearly not what I want and I am stumped on how to fix. As always assistance is greatly appreciated.

Panel clamp.skp (4.4 MB)

What tool are you using to trim the bars?

There’s some fairly small geometry in your cutter shapes. Using the "Dave Method would help. Copy the cutters and the bars to be cut, scale them up by 1000 and use Trim from Eneroth Solid Tools or Bool Tools 2 to cut the notches. After the trimming operation on the large version is complete, delete the large copies and use Zoom Extents to return to the originals.

TBH, if I were modeling this I would have probably just drawn a 2D face of the wide of the bar with the notches cut in it and then use Push/Pull to create the thickness.

Dave - as always, thanks for the quick response. I tried your suggestion of starting with a 2D model and did the push/pull operation. This worked just fine. One of these days I will circle back to the trim method trying your suggestions and see if I can get that to work. Ciao.