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I am working on a 3d cutting board, model attached. I want to subtract the component “Cutter” from the component “Finished board.” ThomThom’s Inspector shows all is shiny with Finished board, but Entity Info does not, as a result I can’t do the subtraction. Can someone advise me why SI and EI do not match re solid status? Thanks

CB 3:4.skp (1.3 MB)

What you uploaded does not show as Shiny. Loads of reversed faces.

And there’s an area where things don’t come together correctly. It’s along the division between correctly oriented faces and the reversed ones.

I note you are working with the Camera set to Parallel Proojection. It would be generally easier to work in Perspective.

And don’t apply materials before you have the faces correctly oriented.

Your blank assembly component does surface faces oriented correctly but it still has problems in the same area as the finished one.

Dave - as always, thanks for the quick response and the help. I will correct those items and try again. Still seems odd that Solid Inspector showed me an all shiny when it clearly wasn’t.

You’re quite welcome Phil.

Solid Inspector isn’t infallible. I’m not sure why you and I see different things from it, though.

Here I’ve rebuilt your cutting board try running Trim or Subtract (or better, Eneroth Solid Tools Trim or Subtract) on the finished board.
CB 3_4.skp (1.2 MB)

I get this:

You’ll probably want to add in the vertical edges on the sides after trimming.

Thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for. Solid Inspector is such a valuable tool for me that a small glitch occasionally is no problem. I have used it hundreds of times and this instance was the only time I have had any sort of issue.

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Good deal.

BTW, I noticed you have Length Snapping enabled. It would be a good idea to disable that as it can get in the way and create problems for you. Window>Model Info>Units.

Will do.

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Is it possible you uploaded a different version of your model, like Dave I can not see how Solid inspector could have called this model shiny?

You are using Solid Inspector 2. In addition, get Solid Inspector from the warehouse. Each will catch some of what the other misses.

I checked the file and I had uploaded the correct one. I just checked it again using SI and got a slew of reversed faces and a couple of surface errors. I clicked the “Fix all” and it was better, clicked two more time and got the shiny message. Now that I look at it I can’t imagine either, not one of my better models. I think that the 3D texture messed me up visually as I was doing the Move/Option to create the array.

Will do, thanks for the tip.