Help with simple tapered block DC that won't behave

Hello long time sketchup user first post on community. Trying to create a DC for a block that tapers based on the height and side slope ratio (angle). I can make the top dimensions scale correctly but the edges connecting the top to the bottom faces never move. Wracking my brain trying to figure this out. None of the tutorials I have come across cover this issue. Hoping I don’t have to create a complex nested component with each face as its own component since I will have to use trig to calculate the sloping face lengths, etc. Any tips appreciated!

You would need three parts: a central rectangular block and two triangular ones.
keystone.skp (11.5 KB)
My example. I didn’t bother dealing with the trigonometry, it just has a parameter for the width of the flat bottom.

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That makes perfect sense - I kept feeling like the solution was in from of my face!