Help with Layout exporting jpeg

In Layout, when exporting jpeg files, I’m losing text information how can I stop this?

Can you share a LayOut file in which this happens?

OK. That’s the image. I asked for the LayOut file, though.

Up Abutment.layout (88.3 KB)

Thank you. I suspect this is a graphics card issue. This is what I get exporting from LO2021 with an Nvidia card.


And PNG (which will generally look nicer):

I run into this issue on a regular basis and I have an Nvidia graphics card. Try zooming way out before you export.

I’ve up the resolution to 300 pic/inch when exporting it looks good but when I import into text doc it become very poor and nearly unreadable

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I expect the text editor is reducing the resolution. Have you tried using a PNG instead?

I imported the two images I shared earlier into a text document. In both cases I zoomed in 300% for these screen grabs.

The JPG looks like this. A fair amount of compression artifact.

And the PNG.

Out of curiosity, how are you using this? Maybe instead of exporting images from LO to add to a text document, you could add your text to the pages in your LayOut project and then export a PDF.

It is tricky as these are very simple drawings, they can get very busy with info, it is for the railways and they like there format doc to be used, I have to find a way to link into that.

Are you referring to a template? I imagine you could duplicate their template in LayOut.