Help with groups


Hoping someone can help on here. I created the model below and created the bags you see first then placed the blanket inside. Then I made the error of grouping so I could clone. Now I’m faced with the task of assigning individual color to each but can’t seem to separate the blanket from the bag. I’ve tried everything including using the outliner tool but it isn’t working. Can someone help?

Can you share the SketchUp file?

Are they groups or components?

Yes, the file is attached.KB_x_Sams_Blanket__PQD_Side_MKT.skp (5.4 MB)

It is a group withing a goup.

When you write “assigning individual color to each” what do you mean by “each”, each what? Each bag? Each blanket?

I don’t understand why you thought you needed to use “grouping so I could clone”. Normally one uses components when there will obviously be numerous identical copies. There is nothing about a group that makes it easier to copy than a component, the main difference is that a copy of a group automatically becomes unique if you edit it whereas editing a copy of a component affects all the copies.

If you want each bag or each blanket colored differently than the others, you have no choice but to do them one-by-one. After all, that’s what “differently” means.

But if you want them handled all the same, you can do this:

First, in the outliner expand any instance of KB_x_Sams_Blanket_Packaging. You will see nested contents <Component#2> and Group. Right-click on the Group and choose “make component”. Give the new component a sensible name such as “Bag” (and while you are at it, rename the Component#2 to “Blanket”).

Then explode the nested Groups in both Blanket and Bag Components. The extra level of nesting is not contributing anything useful.

If you check, you will see that these changes affected all instances of KB_x_Sams_Blanket_Packaging. You can now either apply materials to faces inside the Blanket or Bag component to make them affect all instances.

Edit: if you then want certain instances to be different than others, you can select them an make them unique.

You also have a nightmare of layer/tag ing.

Thank you all for your input, I am new to this level of Sketch Up and certainly learning from this error. I appreciate all of your help. If someone could upload an example of how I should have layered and how I should have assigned each I would be most grateful. I’ve spent hours trying to figure this out. The whole idea is that each of these has a color assigned to it, so one is garnet, one is blue, one is white etc. however as you can see i can only get as far as making them all blue. Thank you!

Thank you, trying it out… I know there’s probably a much easier way to do this. I really appreciate your instructions.

Check this out: The learning Center