Help with degree calculation

Hi, I need help, i will upload image and it will be easier to understand

What I’m trying is to draw all edges and connection with some degree and cant calculate what degree it will be on edges to get straigt line without crossing line that split one edge face on two different degree!
what i get for now is three panels good and fourth is always different, on image you can see bottom left corner



Only the 45 angles can be drawn/sawn the ones on the front will be ‘warped’, because you can never get the four endpoints in one plane. So you would have to plane by hand😀

Based on your image, I built this:

Distorded box.skp (80.2 KB)

If this is it, first, you didn’t specify the length nor the height.

Secondly, with such warped geometry for the front, the angle between the front panel and the four side panels cannot be a constant angle. As already stated, only the other junctions can be a constant angle, 45°, or whatever you want.

Based on your model, you could cut the bevels on the front edges fairly closely and then plane rolling bevels to make the ends meet. I’m not sure what you are actually building but I would think it might look odd with one rolling bevel.

Hi, thanks for answer, forgot write other dimension, lenght 1800mm height 250mm, panel tickness 19mm

Acutually I’m capernter, and building TV stand, outside it will look like on image, inside will be second straight box deep 320mm

I’m not looking for straight 45°, it doesnt matter will be side front angle 35° and top and bottom panel different angle, it just need to be on some angle and that lenght of angles are same on each end point
and it need to be same by whole lenght of each panel, to be possible make it on machine

hoped that there is some formula or something that i can calculate it, but it seems that i will need to test and try it

and you are working with the free web version?

Hi, if you carefully look at my model (orbit, pan and zoom to grasp my questioning), derived from your picture, the front is twisted. Is this really that you want ?

If you observe the dimensions shown on your image, the top and bottom dimensions are reversed from one end to the other.

Look at this SU file.

Distorded box 2.skp (97.5 KB)

yes, thats what i need twisted model, or reversed ends, only now panel tickenss need to be 19mm, and front edge on all panels on some angle, dont matter what angle and dont need to be same angle, as I wrote, i hoped that there is some easy way to calculate when i draw it, but seems thatt there is not…

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