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I downloaded this file online and I’m trying to clean it up some. I can’t figure out how to get the part in the red circle to be even on the end. Could anyone help me out with this? Thx


|It will be easier to help you if you either upload the file you are working on, or at least provide a link to the original you downloaded.

What scale/size is the model? You may be running into SU"s inability to create or edit very small edges. If the part isn’t’ already a component, make it one. Scale up a copy by x100 or x1000 and try again, editing the large copy. Changes will be reflected back in the original.

Search the forum for the Dave Method.


My bad John I completely forgot the file. here it is.charge_cradle_2b.stl (193.0 KB)


As John said, search for and use the Dave Method.

Draw a line across the little point at the top corner and use Push/Pull to push the triangle down to the bottom of the recess. Then erase the unneeded edges.

There’s also a gap in the upper left area preventing the component from being a solid.

Zoom in close and trace along the edge to heal the missing face and erase the unneeded edges there, too.


I don’t know where my head is tonight, sorry here it is.charge_cradle_2b.skp (1.6 MB)


No worries. I edited my post.


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