Help - Unexpected File Format - Can't Access My Project

I started a project yesterday and put in about 9 hours of work. Made a ton of progress.

It was open this morning on my laptop and I made a couple of changes and exxed out to work on another project.

Now when I try to open the project it says unexpected file format and starts a new untitled project. Same thing when I try to open the SKB file.

Is there any way to recover this? I can see the model in the preview on my file explorer.

Share the file here so that someone can help you with it. @colin often has some success when he can have the file.

Here’s a google drive link to the SKP and SKB file, thank you

Checking the file, back soon…

Thank you very much

Here you go:

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Thank you so much.

You have no idea how much of a disaster this was that I couldn’t open this file.

I’m just starting my business doing this work and this week I’m juggling 3 projects and trying to meet deadlines because I have other projects waiting for me after these ones are done. There isn’t much room for error or delays.

When I saw that the file was corrupted I wanted to throw my desk out the window.

Anyway, I won’t write you a novel, but I just want to sincerely say thank you.

Your file was an interesting variation of a problem we’ve seen, where for some reason we don’t yet understand, Windows inserts a bunch of zeros into the file. Fortunately, the zeros had been added to the end of your file, and I have internal tools that can cope with that.

Aside from auto save and backup turned on, you ought to have your own scheme for keeping backups. On Mac I use Time Machine, and can go back in time an hour for the last 24 hours, and a day for the last month. On Windows there is a History feature that should be similar to that. I haven’t worked out how to use it!

I actually stopped backing up my files a couple of weeks ago because of storage space. I have an external harddrive that i’ve been keeping all of my files on.

I’m going to go back to keeping my working files on my computer and backing them up on my harddrive. This was a wake up call for sure.

I’m very grateful that it was an easy fix.

Could you look in your Preferences, General, and let me know whether the ‘Automatically fix problems when they are found’ is checked?

Yes, it’s checked

Thanks. That is the safer option!

Great. Thank you!

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