Help repairing a damaged imported model

I can handle redrawing missing lines and creating faces but this has got me banging my head against the wall lol. :face_with_head_bandage:

This is a component from a model directly from the manufacturer and the entire model is riddled with mistakes. What I’m having problems with are the rounded corners. I can’t figure out how to accurately rebuild the corners. Can someone please help? (the full model is broken in AutoCAD as well, it’s not just from the import.)

Component_260.skp (228.3 KB)

What file did you get from the manufacturer? Is it possible to upload the original? Might be easier to start over than to work with this one.

pco5+_small pGD1 built-in.dwg (7.4 MB)
This is what our engineering department gave me. it’s converted to .dwg so I can open it. I will have to ask them for the original. (I believe it’s a STEP file)

I think the .dwg file works. What’s the overall length supposed to be? Does the skin need to have thickness? If so, what?

Sorry, I scaled the component I sent you.

The entire device is approx. 5.233" x 8.957" (13.29182cm x 22.75078cm)

I don’t need any thickness. I’m using it for a rendered mock-up, I really just need to fill the holes.

Also, this is all I need from the model.

The rest is behind the machine’s panel and isn’t seen.

This is what I have after importing the .dwg file using Meters as the import units. Losts of back faces (green) present but it sounds like most of it won’t be needed. Try importing at meters and edit the thing to eliminate what you don’t need to show. Then try scaling it down. It should behave better.


Also check the DWG import options. The Merge Coplanar option is best turned off. In my experience it is the cause of many missing faces. If such optimization is needed, ThomThom’s Cleanup extension does a better job.


This is much better than before. Thank you both so much!

I still found one or two areas that are missing:
Do you know of any way to create a new corner?

Use FollowMe if it’s a quarter round. Or Fredo Round Corner or Fredo’s Curviloft/ Skin Contours (scale up for all of these to avoid losing small edges).

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Thank you so much. I tried skin contour originally but I was importing the model incorrectly. It works well now.

I wish I could mark all of you guys for the solution lol.

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Very glad that all our suggestions were of some value to you.