Help! (please) I've been Working on Wrong Layer!

OK, so I open your file, but I do not undertand your problem, when I click on Layer 0 and after I select 001_Linework or 002_Dimensions, all is OK

So try to explain in details but step by step

To finish, I see that your wall is not a composant or groupe, it’s pity.

I thought I had made a component out of my walls after I extruded them, but somehow it has disappeared and I don’t know why/how. I did purge my component file once, but I don’t think that should have deleted that file? Its all very confusing trying to learn on your own.

Anyway, I am having problems with the main wall in the living area. every time I try to heal the lines from the closet and bathroom area it erases the walls too. I have been over and over the problem, but can’t seem to correct it. If I don’t get the wall correct I won’t be able to put in the fireplace on that wall. It’s very hard to explain. I’m sorry.

My advice, when you create composant or group, try to select (wall) triple clic and after create a group or composant.
Just a thing, I’m french so my english is not good, I try to help you.

OK so try to create a lot of layer for:

  • source (picture)
  • Wall
  • Window and door

When You look at my last creation, I create 50 or more for separate all elements.

see link

Ok, where is your fireplace (next to stair or …)

OK, so I ceated a new element fireplace, no problem for me (creation group)

Last Thing, it miss a floor to close your object, otherwise does not work, try that

On more thing, there are a lot of line below your house, but orphan, delete

So goog luck

That is SO COOL! I did not know you could do that much with Sketchup! But it did not show me the 50 separate elements you created. :wink: Just kidding. Is that for a real project to be built savoirpourtous?

P.S. Your english is better than my french! Keep in mind, everything people “tell” me to does requires that I figure out how to implement the instruction. I see I need to study my Sketchup for Dummies section on components and Layers.

Thanx so much for your time. Robin

I try to heal you model, but let me some time, I try to add line to close your floor, you have to know when you create a model, take your time, and do a save, for example object_00.skp, and 01, 02.
If you do that, you can come back on old project.

I hope my advices are useful.

About savoirpourtous, I created a channel and a web site where I speak about Blender, Inkscape, Gimp, Sculptris ans so one.

All software are free (I like to share knowledge and culture)

And to finish, a few videos on Japanese but just for the fun (1,3 Mo)

I try to heal your model, but there are a lot lines orphan, it’s too difficult to correct that in a couple of minutes.

I think, you have to take your model in peaces to heal it.

I modified your model, but it’s not perfect

good luck

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Oh my gosh! You’re awesome!!! How did you do that so fast? I will never be as good as some of you, but there’s hope I can at least design my own house! :blush:

I don’t know how Sketchup says you are a “Basic User” under your name.

It is a trust level of the Discourse platform in which we are discusding SketchUp.
It doesn say anything about the level of SketchUp…

I was just kidding MikeWayzovski (love the avatar…loved the movie!). I just meant he is SO good he should take the test and skip high school and go straight to college. Give him the “Expert User” title. LOL. :wink:

What am I looking at with these videos? Is this a tutorial for French speaking people to learn Japanese? You are very busy savoirpourtous! :star_struck:

Ref: The model you shared in your 3rd post in this thread.
Re: Layers

After close inspection of the model, I find all raw geometry is assigned to Layer0 as it should be.
There are no misuse of layer issues.

You did make a component of the walls.
There’s also one named ’crawl space’ which is the foundation and floors.
Did you look in the Components Browser > In Model? They’re there.

Purge Unused means just that.
Component definitions in the model file that are not used in the model space are purged.

Going over and over seems to be the root of the problem.
That is, drawing more and more lines in an attempt to fix things tends to exacerbate the problem.
The result is a clutter of tiny off axis geometry so small one must zoom in very close to see it.
See the screenshots below of the outside kitchen wall, adjacent to the lanai.

Generally, it’s easier and faster to erase problem geometry and redraw than to fiddle with it.

Make more use of Inference Locking and those off-axis modeling problems will go away.
See the learning resources in this recent topic:

Here’s a reworked version of the model you shared in your 3rd post in this thread: (1.0 MB)

Hi George. Thanks for looking. Are you sure you’re not looking at the file that savorpourtous posted? As he, too, “fixed” my file. The only problem with people fixing things for me is that I will not learn to avoid the same pitfall over and over. Though, at this point, I am extremely grateful for the help[fixing]!

Although I now seem to have the knack for drawing, it’s the little things like looking for orphan lines that did not get erased and putting things on their own layer that I’m still learning. I’m also only halfway through my book Sketchup for Dummies, which says its so easy a third grader can do it. So that’s a slap in the face to those of us way past third grade. :smile:

As for the off_axis screenshot: I know I have problems there (if that is the living room wall I’ve been referring too. Sometimes I fix one thing only to have it cause another problem elsewhere. The thing I don’t get is that I created everything with a rectangle box and extruded them…so how did some walls end up not parallel? My house plan lines were hard to decipher as to which lines I was supposed to follow as there are 3 lines instead of 2 in the floor plan.

Thanks George. I will continue to plug away! I think I will really love this program once I understand what I am doing!

As I said, I worked on your file.

There was no layer issue to be found, just errant geometry and a lack of model organization.
Organization, meaning make each logical portion of the house a component bearing a meaningful name before you begin modeling the next portion.

It looks like you were on the right path, given the wall component and floor component were in the file.
Not sure how, when or why they weren’t left in the model space.

Neatness really does count.
Leaving bits & pieces of unnecessary and stray geometry floating about makes modeling difficult.
They’re like weeds in your garden, erase them before they ruin the crop.

Don’t fret about layers. Just set the Default Layer0 as the active layer and forget about them.
They’re merely a convenient means of controlling visibility; not an essential tool for building your model.

Concentrate on organizing the model as you go along.
Make each logical part of the house into a Component before you begin building the next part.

The geometry inside a Component is separate from the rest of the model and protected from unintentional alteration. Think of a Component as a container or protective wrapper, enabling you to continue modeling without spoiling what you’ve already created.

And once geometry is safely within a Component, it’s easy to control visibility while modeling within it.

I have no idea what this means: “Not sure how, when or why they weren’t left in the model space.” I just read chapter 7 in SketchUp for Dummies, _Keeping Your Model Organized. This is the first time I’ve learned about the Outliner option. It will take me a little time to study this section and learn how to implement things. I’m still not sure how to actually put things on it’s own layer, say for instance the floors.

I’m so used to working with layers in Photoshop and Fireworks that I’m still working on trying not to apply those concepts to SKUP!

On a slightly different, but relevant topic.

I didn’t see this covered in the other posts here, but…there seems to be no consistency in exterior wall thickness in your model, yet the drawing shows consistant dimensions.
Granted, different parts of the country have different recommended interior and exterior wall thickness, but not in the same structure.
One exterior wall was approx 5.5", another was more than a foot thick.
Just a friendly suggestion :-}

Cheers, eh.


First, remember ALWAYS (with VERY rare exceptions, not relevant here) to draw your geometry on Layer0, which should be permanently set as the Active Layer (its radio button checked in the Layers window).

Second, every time you have drawn a new piece of your model, make it into a component (or less usefully, a group).

To do that, triple click on any part of what you have just drawn to select all connected geometry, then press letter g on the keyboard, to start the Make Component dialogue. Give it a relevant name (such as Floor 1, Living room walls, etc).

Ensure the box Replace selection with component is checked.

Set the component axes if you don’t want the default bottom left corner.

Then click the Create button.

Once you have your geometry collected into components or groups, assign Layers to one or more of them. But NEVER to raw geometry.

Hope that helps.
PS. To reset all your existing geometry to Layer0, open each component, sub component, or group in turn for editing, Select All, then in Entity Info, assign Layer0.

THEN, to control visibility, assign layers ONLY to top level components or groups.

I’ve been getting the hang of it. I just spent a day-and-a-half going back through my (already somewhat extensive model) and placing things on their own layers. I.e. steps, porches, columns, windows…

What is considered “raw” geometry (stuff not named or grouped?) And what does Replace selection with component do. What is an example of a selection that you would want to replace with the component? Thanx John.

I am getting so much useful help here I wished I’d signed up for the forum LAST winter when I downloaded the SKUP Pro trial. Now I’ve lost out on the better warehouse choices. :frowning:

Just want to say thanks to everyone for all their help! I’m trying not to ask questions without first researching thing. But sometimes my inquiries come back empty because I don’t know the correct terminology to search just yet.

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(Almost) yes - ‘loose’ edges, circles, arcs, faces… anything you can select as an individual SU entity except a component or group, but excluding text, dimensions or images. It will usually have a ‘definition’ name if you gave it one, or the default ‘Component#n’; and optionally an ‘instance name’ for one or more instances of the same component. And group may be given an ‘instance’ name if you choose to do so, but it doesn’t get a name by default, except ‘Group’, which isn’t helpful to identify it if you are using Outliner.

It combines all the selection into a self-contained component. You (almost) always want to do that. But if you select only some of the connected geometry, it will make a component out of that, but still leave the selection as ‘loose geomery’ in your model.

Not sure I understand this - what ‘better warehouse choices’? Extension warehouse or 3Dwarehouse? And why can’t you still choose them?

Perhaps I am mistaken. I went to the 3D Warehouse for doors and it seemed like my choices were limited. But maybe I just wasn’t doing it right. Like I said, I still have a LOT to learn. I’m still on drawing and organizing, and haven’t even begun to use the materials and styles options yet! I’m excited though. It’s starting to come together.

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