HELP please - A 2 part model that creates an image in the negative space


I am attempting to create 2 models that create a figure in the negative space between them. I am not sure how to even start. I found these images, I hope they help you understand what I am trying to achieve. When the moodels turn the image in the negative space turns round. I dont know what software created this image.

Can ScetchUp help? All help greatly appreciated!


I believe this might be some 3D sculpting software like ZBrush or Sculptris (which is the free and light version of ZBrush).

I’m not sure SketchUp can totally do this as it’s more focused towards 3D modelling, rather than core sculpting BUT you could still try, armed with the [Artisan Organic Toolset] ( plugin.


Thank you, I will have a look!