Help needed to flatten cracked face one thousandth of a foot out of plane


I don’t know how. I only know that with going over the floor geometry I found one horizontal edge, extending from a floor edge, in length of less than 1 mm.


I found two, to which I applied dimensions, as shown in the screenshots.

I often prefer to use this because it will label or select instead of immediately deleting strays.

StrayLines v.1.000 by Todd Burch


A simple technique I’ve used when I’ve done something like that is to group the offending areas, as you have done, then scaling (in this case) along the z-axis 10x or more, until a scale command on a pre-selected non-planar area shows z-axis handles. I then grab the topmost handle and drag it up, but then type .001 in the VCB so SU scales it down instead. Exiting the group and scaling the group in reverse, .1 in my example, restores the geometry to a planar condition (according to SU internals) so that deleting the offending break lines leaves you with a plane. On your model, scaling back to original size created additional break lines on the sloped area nearest the bottom of the screen. Those new lines also deleted without issue, leaving a plane.


I often run into this problem - and the reason is that I think that SU is smart enough to snap to my start point when drawing lines, etc - HOWEVER, that is not true and I must constantly ZOOM into the point and place the start, then ZOOM out to find the endpoint. It is not like there are multiple points for it to snap to in MOST cases. It just doesn’t snap to the point unless I zoom into it and force the issue.
When trying to find the bad corner, often it is so close that I must get to max zoom to see it, which is not easy.
When I find it, I usually delete the bad line(s) and recreate them.


I’ve noticed that as well when drawing with lines in “free space.” My solution to that has been to draw complex shapes from lines, free-form paths or arcs onto a plane to begin with, then delete the unnecessary parts of the plane when done.


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