Help needed in making a component

please look at the attached component , its a 2.54mm pitch header 8 pins.
I need a 10pin header , tried to add two more pins but I can’t get it to work .
can someone tell me how to make it into a 10 pin header or modify it for me please?

iam using sketchup pro 2014

note: just realized that there is no file attachment option so here is the link to the component on 3D warehouse

Do you want to add two more pins in the existing space or make the connector two pins wider using the same spacing?


Something like this…

I want to add two more pins .thus increasing the size of the connector … but how do I cut at exactly 2.54 mm ?

Not sure where you’re getting the 2.54–that’s not what it measures. The sockets are 2.625mm apart, and the pins are rather unevenly spaced.

In any event, you can just Move/Copy the last two at the same spacing as @Box demonstrated.


If it’s a standard electronics component (and it looks like one ) the pins should all be 0.1in or 2.54mm between centres.