Help, need to restore link to Version 8

I’m a long time Sketchup Pro Version 8 user but I wanted to check out the latest version of Sketchup Pro 2021 so I started a trial. It worked fine but after trying it and figuring the whole subscription thing, mainly that if you don’t pay it stops working entirely, I decided it isn’t for me and uninstalled the program. Now when I try to open *.skp files by double clicking, the computer can no longer find the link needed to open the file. My Sketchup Pro Version 8 opens fine and then I can open *.skp files but I want to be able to open *.skp files directly from folders. How do I restore the links?

Right-click on a SketchUp file in a folder window. Select “open with…” from the menu, If SketchUp 8 is not listed, select “choose another app”, and navigate to the SketchUp 8 application file. Make sure the “always use this…” box is checked.

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got it thanks

alternatively you can always install the desired version over an existent program installation again, settings and license will be kept.