Help My Sketchup Disappeared

I was adding books to the shelves in the room I created and suddenly everything disappeared! Can anyone help?

This sometimes happens if distant geometry causes the camera to move far away during a zoom. If you can share the skp file here, someone may be able to salvage it.

Did you look in the back of the wardrobe?

Just a literary joke.

What’s the best way to share it?

StIsabella.skp (12.8 MB)

This is what it looks like now

It looks ok on desktop and in the web version. There was a complaint about one thing, so I let SketchUp fix that. Here’s my version.

StIsabellaFixed.skp (11.1 MB)

I think I sent the wrong file as that was the original template

Do you have the right file?

It’s not uploading???

It stops uploading after 20%

Is there another way to share the file?

There are file size upload limits, especially for people new to the forum. Can you use WeTransfer, or dropbox, Google drive, then give a link to the file?

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Go to Outliner and find two groups with name <Plant & Pot> and delete them.

And then ‘Zoom Extents’.

Also, use ‘Purge’, the file will drop from 102 MB to 40 MB.

And avoid importing directly 3D warehouse components into the file where you are working. Check them first in a separate file.

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Thanks for your help…how do I find the outliner? I don’t have that tool in my toolbar?

I have an extension that fixes these issues, without having to go into outliner. Here’s a fixed version.

I read what Mihai.s said about purging. I replaced the WeTransfer link with a 42MB file.

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Thank you both for your help. What should I avoid so I won’t do this again? You saved me hours of work!!! Thank you soooooo much.

Any chance you know what to do if I am missing my floor?

Click the glasses icon in the tools on the right. Check the Hidden Geometry box, and Hidden Objects if you have that feature. Right-click on the floorplan and choose Unhide.

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