HELP ME PLZ! It's for a school project

I’ve made a sketch in SketchUp and I’m trying to open the file with Flash Print. I’ve tried to make groups and components, but I have no knowledge of SketchUp at all, and I really don’t know how to use it. Could anybody help me? :slight_smile:

I know nothing about Flash Print. A quick search seems to say it is a printing service in Cambridge MA? Or is there something else that you mean by “open the file with Flash Print”?

As to your lack of knowledge, the best route is to study any of the many tutorials available online, such as

(a quick web search will turn up this and many more). Then come back here and ask a more specific question when you get stuck.

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Okay thank you :slight_smile:

Flash Print is a company name and they are selling a small PLA ( PLA is plastic 3d printer):
After you go through the tuts Steve suggested above you more than likely will not be ready to three D print. I have the links to several other reputable sellers I will collect together and send you tomorrow, these are for beginners and they have some very simple models you can test your self. The printer seller usually also has an app with the printer that processes you model to make printable with their machine although there are times there are others you can use also. There are some tha will check your model < for free< for printability. I did not notice if Flash print does that.
One main bit you will need to know is how the print material affects your model requirements which they cover in their cited tuts.
Good Luck
Promised links:
This is not meant to be only viable ones just some I happened to save links for

Flashprint software reads .stl or .obj so you need to export your .skp model to one of those formats. You can get an .stl exporter plugin from the extension warehouse.

Eillott: Is that printer the model the school is using??

Yeah, I’m pretty sure it is, because we have a subscription to flash print

Elliott: It looks like they have tried to make it esay for you to learn 3d printing;
Couple of comments: The build vol 5.5x5.5x5.5" controls the max size of the item. So if your model exceeds that they may ask you to redo size unless they do that; Secondly, the elephant they show with the green supports you do not have to model those their programs will do that but if your model requires supports you will have to remove them when you get the print.
Your teach should check your model before sending for print. If not you should post it ( The upward pointing button ).
Good Luck

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