Help me please! Oliviu 97

Hello guys!
I m in BIG trouble! For some reasone I can section a spehere to fit a wheel into it, and also I can t model a pillow based on a shape (palm tree leafs area). Please help!
HELP.skp (834.5 KB)


I have opened your file. It’s unclear what you are trying to achieve from your text. Are you looking to remove part of the hemisphere in your caster unit to make a slot for the wheel? Like so… You would be better off starting over with the casters. They have been scaled so the wheels are no longer round, and the sphere and other parts are full of stray edges, the wheel does not fit in the sphere without poking up through the top into the slewing shaft. You should consider using components instead of groups for your casters so that you can modify one and have the rest change as well.

As for the pillow, what kind of pillow do you want to model? with how much detail?


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That is exactly what I was looking for regardin the wheel part,what exactly did you use?

And also how do I make the hemisphere a solid?

Making a solid group

Regarding your model, you should work each element as a component or a group.
for example:
ide_02 (SU2017).skp (1.6 MB)

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Thank you so much! Multumesc mult!

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