Help me making the subway model

I’m building a subway model.
I’ve got designs and pictures, and I think I’m going to be modeling with follow me tool, but I can’t do it.
I want to know how to model like a picture. i’ll uplode the picture, (2.9 MB)
.skp file and blueprint in a zip file. please help me. i really really want to make this model with 3d printer.Desktop (3).zip

I don’t think the FollowMe tool can quite do what you want - I’ve looked briefly at your model, and it doesn’t have a constant profile on (for example) the front of the cab.

Look at the Fred06 plugin CurviLoft, and the Loft by spline option in it. As well as the plugin itself, you also need to install t he LibFredo6 collection of library routines Fredo uses. Get both from the SketchUcation Plugin Store.

If you draw a series of curves in plan, with the profile you want at different heights on the front of the cab (just do half at a time, then mirror the result), start CurviLoft, select Loft by spline, then click on each profile in turn, then double click. It will fill in the blanks…

Will try and demonstrate, if I have time, later tonight.

By the way - you need to learn to make components of sub-elements of your drawing as you go, to keep your geometry from all sticking together and making it impossibly difficult to edit. Your drawing of the side is beautiful, but should be made of at least several, maybe many, separate components - doors, windows, side panels, speaker, marker lights, air con on the roof, roof itself, etc.

And do you have overall dimensions for the vehicle? I can see dimension arrows on the PNG image, but no measurements. Your draft vehicle is approximately 1321mm long and 208mm wide, which seems improbable either for full size, or for a scale model - FAR too small for the former, and too large for the latter.

What scale will your 3D printed model be?

Try drawing it to the exact size you want - either full size for the ‘real thing’ if you have dimensions for that, or scale size, if you know what you want to end up with. I’d recommend full size, then scale the whole thing down when you have finished, using the tape measure tool.

I’d suggest you make separate components of the plan, side and front elevations on rectangles of the correct size, to get your overall shape and sizes correct, by importing and positioning the 6285.png image as a texture.

And you have used arcs for the side profile of the cab front. They are straight lines in the image, which will make the surface MUCH less complex.

Sorry, that’s as much as I have time for tonight - midnight here in the UK.

thanks for your help.
i’m going to print this model in n scale. this draft doesn’t have any masurments.
(thank for KNR car department. they allways says ‘for security’)
i made the model in 1/15 scale.

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