Help Layout won't open!

For some reason LO won’t open. Click icon image comes up then landing page and disappears. Any ideas anyone please?

Have you previously been able to open Layout successfully?

Is it 2022 that you are using?

Have you tried repairing the installation?

Hi Paul

Thank you for answering. Just got it to work this second. Had an earlier power cut and must have done something. Went in on another file and it opened. It is 2023.

Please update your forum profile.

Will it open now from the first file you tried?

Hi Dave

Yes thank you seems to work now. Complete mystery. Where do I update my profile. You told me years ago and I’ve forgotten!

Good. Some computer mysteries can never be solved. :slight_smile:

Click on the R in the circle at the top right of the forum page. Then on the person icon, then Preferences, then Profile. Make the edits and scroll to the bottom to press Save.

All done. Thank you

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