Help! I need some ideas

someone who can help me is my first project and I am trying to improve the facade.

Go down the rabbit hole of architecture design, really, and see what speaks to you. This isn’t a SketchUp question as much as a general search for exterior design inspiration. I suggest starting with design books and magazines from the bookstore, for contemporary inspiration, and of course the world around you. The internet is of course full of this stuff too. Have fun! The possibilities are endless. That is a blank slate. Do what you love :slight_smile:

For example, playing with siding and natural building materials can do wonders. Think awnings, plantings, the facade colors. It can be super modern and metal, or it can be adobe southwest, and anything in between.

If you have a couple of hours to spare!

I switched the category of this topic to Corner Bar, as this is a general design-related discussion.
Is this school work?
Do all the windows have to be identical? Why? Do they have to be placed symmetrically? Have you looked at the design from the inside? Are those windows what you love to look out through? Aren’t they a bit on the small side? Are they placed in a way that facilitates furniture placement? Are you satisfied with the plan? Are the rooms behind the façade identical? Why?..

Maybe you can add a door and a porch.

You need to consider context. What is going on around the building?

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