Help! I can't draw, help out a noob (:

I need help drawing the top component of the top ball race. This is part of a bike.

You probably need to be more specific about the help you need. If what you mean is, can someone draw it for me so I don’t have to, you will probably draw a blank. But maybe not as there are some very helpful people on this forum.

Probably use Follow Me with a profile of the nut and a circle. Then cut it off with a hexagon and Intersect Faces. Which version of SKetchUp are you actually using? Your profile says 2018 Pro but you posted in SketchUp for Schools which is a web based version. The exact instructions are different for those two versions.

Screenshot - 9_8_2020 , 4_40_30 AM

If you need the screw threads, I’ve done a tutorial on that but that process will be different depending on the SketchUp version you are using.

Do you mean this piece?

Several possibilities. For all of them, work at a much magnified scale - for example, draw in metres as if they were millimetres - then scale down when you have finished.

You could use FollowMe to make a round shape first. Use the curve that goes to a point of the nut as the top edge of a face to use as a FollowMe profile. Then draw a hollow hexagonal ‘tube’ round the outside and use Intersect Faces to cut off the surplus.

Or you could draw the top edges of the nut as shallow arcs, the top as a circle, then join them with Curviloft.

If you want to draw the thread in full, DaveR has a tutorial for that.

It needs the plugin Eneroth Upright Extruder from Extension Warehouse.
Or use an image on the inside of a hole made with the circle tool and PushPull.

It isn’t a simple shape, not easy for a beginner.

PS. As usual, by the time I’ve finished describing the process, @DaveR has drawn it! He thinks, draws, and types VERY fast.

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wow thats actually so cool thanks! Btw i use online sketchup. It used to be 2018 pro

Perhaps you could update your profile so it shows the version you are actually using. That information helps us help you. Especially considering that the web versions don’t have any implementation for the extensions that John recommended.

The method I showed uses nothing but native tools and can be done in the web versions just as easily as in the desktop versions so that should be your solution.