Help I cannot log into Warehouse/Sketchup etc

Hi for a few weeks I am unable to log into trimble in windows 11.

All I see is this screen:

no credential boxes come up so I cannot proceed.

I have checked on my main desktop, another user on that desktop and my win 11 laptop, does this in chrome, Edge and firefox.

Disabled Malwarebytes incase that was it.

Loads just fine in MacOS.

Any thoughts on how to proceed, I really need to log in on my main PC

You’re using SketchUp Free (web)? And you’re trying to access the 3D Warehouse through it? Or are you trying to get tot he 3D Warehouse directly in your browser?

I don’t know if Malwarebytes can cause this symptom, but ad blockers do. You could either turn those off when signing in, or see if they have settings to allow and

Ohh good catch. My Unifi Router has ad block on it, I turned that off and boom all is well.

Thank you!

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