Help - how to make this shape

Here is a model of a leg that I’m trying to make.

I don’t know the best way to describe what I’m trying to do. I want to taper the leg, and the taper curves as it goes down the leg.

The red arrow at the top points to the beginning of the taper, and the blue arrow at the bottom points to the end of the taper. At the top, the taper is at the same plane of the edge of the leg, and it curves so that at the bottom the edge is at the angle at the bottom. I trimmed the bottom to show the angle I want it at, but since it is not a curved taper, you see the diagonal line on the edge of the leg.

Does that make any sense?

temp-table leg.skp (19.3 KB)

Leg Options.skp (55.0 KB)
Here’s a couple of options. Both are variations using the two-point arc tool.