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The entity at address b11663b0 has an invalid id (0) destroyed (0)

hello please help me…
im using sketch for free… and it has pop up this words “…”
how do i solve it?

We’d need to see your SketchUp model to be able to tell you where the problem lies. Upload it so we can help you.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2017 Pro but you’ve posted in the SketchUp for Web category. Which version are you really using? Correct your profile to show the right version. Also correct the operating system (‘sketchup pro 2017’ is not an operating system) and graphics card (‘nope’ is not a graphics card).

Have you imported components into your model? I know one sure way to cause this error: Start a new model. Model something. Select it and make it a component. Now save the file and give it the same name as the component you just created. Now when you import the file into some other SketchUp model you will get this error, as you now have a component that references itself. It is a common mistake to name your file this way when posting components into the 3D Warehouse. The right way to create component files is to right-click on a component and select “Save As” from the contextual menu.

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