Help for 3d plan

Hi all

I want to make a 3d plan for the 2 photos below and i need your help.

Im new in this forum

Please read the About post for this category …


To expand just a bit on @DanRathbun’s entirely appropriate advice to review the About post for this category, you need to make it clear as to what you are looking for help with. You fail to explain the specific discipline(s) you wish to engage.

A few questions come to mind:

  1. You refer to 2 photos, yet only one was provided. Do you intend to post an additional image? Additional images of the subject object will certainly be helpful if photo-matching is to be used.
  2. There is no mention of whether or not you are going to pay for help. How does payment factor into your request?
  3. The term 3d plan is an oxymoron…such a thing does not exist. A plan, by its very nature, is 2 dimensional. Are you implying that you require development of a 3d model or do you need to further create a 3d print of the output?

Kindly edit your post after reviewing “About”, the link to which is provided in the previous post. A better detailed request may result in more responses.

EDIT: The same comments apply to this LINKED POST having a similar subject also submitted by you (and now it has been merged to appear in this thread directly below).

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Hi ly dears.

I ask your help to make 3d plan for attached photo.


Sorry for my bad explanation.
We need to create a metal figure for univeristy to be installed in the welcome area .
We need to present to our customer the 3d output photo before make the model.

I posted 2 figure.