Help Extruding Key


I’m making a key in the makerbot template and created most of it using the standard shapes but then installed the beziel curve extension to create a unique key head (it’s called the medallion of the key) but now I can’t seem to push/pull through the shape to create holes/ornamentation. The white area is where I’m trying to create a void.I downloaded Solid Inspector in case I missed something but it shows no problems. The object doesn’t seem to be solid… Help! I need to solve this asap. Thanks! THEKEY.skp (1.6 MB)


You should clean up your model before you upload it (1,6MB -> 137 kB).

Some more hints:

  • You should not turn off the visibility of edges while modeling
  • You have to scale up your model to get all desired faces
  • Only groups and components can be solids (137.1 KB)

(You will probably need some support structure to print it with a makerbot.)


I have enclosed a mod on your drawing to follow and scaled up , this can be scaled back down after.

Phil THEKEY 11.skp (2.0 MB)