Help exporting a somewhat clean model to .DXF

Hi all,
I’m working with my engineer on designing a foundation for a project with expansive soils. I am trying to make his life easier and my bill cheaper by sharing my 3D model with him via a .DXF export. I gave up my AutoCAD license a while ago so I can’t test out the export and I can’t quite remember how everything gets translated over to AutoCAD.

I have my model organized in the typical way inside of SU pro 2018. Everything is drawn on layer 0 and then grouped. Only groups/components are moved to layers other than 0. I of course also have nested groups within groups.

Will groups and components export as blocks? What happens with the layer scheme used inside of SU? Should I go inside each layer and move the geometry to the layer that matches the group to make it easier for the engineer to hide/show what he wants to see? I know that text and dimensions don’t export (which I don’t have anyway) but are there any other tips you all could offer to help the hand off go as smoothly as possible?

thanks for any help you can provide

Use one of the many Autodesk viewers:

Only components come in as blocks. Groups aren’t typically used in CAD as linework doesn’t ‘stick’ like it does in SU…so your engineer may have to explode them all in order to work with them.

They transfer over to CAD. The same as they are in SU. The layer color in CAD is the same as the ‘Color by layer’ in SU.

I personally wouldn’t go through the trouble unless requested.

They do if you use LayOut. See the exporting to CAD section here: LayOut is great. Don’t be afraid to jump in and test it out.

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Thank you all for the help, I totally forgot that there are probably a bunch of free viewers. That’s a great help to prevent wasting time as I dial in the export.

Unfortunately they don’t use LayOUT I certainly do, that’s why I was able to abandon AutoCAD. They love the layout plans when viewed in .pdf but their engineering program needs .dxf to input.

thanks again

I think that @eric-s was suggesting outputting a DXF from LayOut, as opposed to creating one directly from SketchUp. Then things like text will be properly exported for use in OtherCad.