Help creating complex/irregular faceted shapes

Hello everyone! I am relatively new to using sketchup and I’m having trouble finding a tutorial that really fits my needs. I work at a climbing gym and I’ve been dreaming up wall designs and wanted to be able to put them “on paper”. Below is a link to a virtual walk-through of a climbing gym with some amazing walls, the wall sections shown at 1:20 to 1:30 are of specific interest to me and I’d like to create something similar.

I am wondering if there is a tutorial that could teach me how to create features like these. I have watched videos on creating objects, like a dodecahedron, using native tools but I can’t find anything detailing the process of creating and combining more complex/irregular geometric shapes.

Thank you

ps I’m also not sure what the proper terminology for what I’m trying to do. Most of my googling has yielded how to create complex curves and I need the walls to be flat/faceted. Thank you again for any help you can provide.

If Sandbox Tools is available in Make, you could draw on a horizontal plane, then rotate it upright.

Or use Vertex Tools plugin?

These examples (also from 1:20 through 1:30) are super easy to create with SketchUp. No need for extentions.
You must know some basic things about constraining where you draw and how to move vertices: along their own edges or the planes they are in. Make a start, a box attached to a wall (for example) and ask questions from there.
I’m on my phone but once on my Chromebook I’ll also create some wall.

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@campman, here’san example to create the basic shape:

Next step could be pulling vertices along the horizontal direction of their edges, adding shapes to the sides etc.

Thank you so much for your quick response and detailed example. I played around last night and created something fairly close to what I had originally envisioned, I attached the file below.

Expanding on my question how would you create a shape similar to the wall shown at 0:14 and again at 1:59 (the blue and white wall with the orange stripe in the middle). That feature is really perplexing to me since none of the faces align with the axis, the fact that the faces are all irregular polygons, and the overall shape isn’t symmetrical.

Thank you again for your help

NuLu megaroll.skp (158.8 KB)