Help creating complex contour

I am trying to create a cabinet frame. I have uploaded a picture of one side where both ends are cut at a 45 degree angle and the top edge has a step down.
What I cannot figure out is how to round out the remaining tab on the top after I created the step down.
I have tried creating an arc on the edge then using the push pull tool or the Follow Me tool to create the arc contour all along that thin top edge but they do not work. I have included a picture of what I am trying to do for clarity.
Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.
Many thanks

The easy way would be to make the radius first and then cut the miters.

Do the same sort of thing for cutting off table or stool legs that are splayed out.

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If you dont want to start over you could use Fredo’s vector push/pull to get that profile through past the other side, intersect geometry and delete unwanted parts.

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OK I have the radius but now I am having trouble cutting the miter because cutting the radius eliminated the apex of the miter.
The work piece is 3/4 of an inch thick but the radius is only 1/4 in on the one side.
Not sure how to cut the miter now.

Draw a face at the miter angle and intersect it with the part. I showed that in my first image.

OK let me try to figure out how to draw that face and then give it a try.

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