HELP! Beams/Girts disappear when scene created

I finished a typical metal building model and need to create scenes. I have been working in sketchup off and on for years and feel familiar/ comfortable with it, but have never seen this happen. Whenever I hit scene all the girts/beams disappear and wont reappear. I checked hidden geometry and the view tab. I’ve searched the forum and looked into the outliner tab on my default tray and the items aren’t hidden. The layers are all the same, are visible and I have made each set of columns and girts per wall a component. I did get the girts and beams from sketchup warehouse. Could that be it?

I’m at a loss. Please help!!

Please share the model so we can take a look. You can drag it into a reply here, or if it is too large, put it on a sharing site and provide the link here.

I actually ended up remaking the girts and beams and just multiplied it. Had to hurry up a render for a client deadline. Thanks!