Help Applying Logo Texture To Poligon Model's Shirt

I’ve downloaded a poligon model of a man from the Sketchup 3D warehouse.

I’m having trouble applying a logo texture to the t-shirt the model is wearing as it’s a poligon model. I’d usually have no problem applying the logo on a flat surface.

I’ve uploaded the model below as a component and would greatly appriciate any help.

IMAN SITTING.skp (529.0 KB)

Many Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

There are a lot of holes in the man. But I put your chameleon eyeball onto his shirt.

The general approach was to get the texture in the right position and size in front of the man, push pull that circle of texture through the whole body, and intersect with model to break up his shirt with the circle. Then I went in and used the paint bucket to fill the faces inside the circle with the eyeball texture. I had made sure the texture was set to Projected.

That did leave the back of the man with a hole the size of the circle, which I could have cleaned up. Instead, I selected the faces of eyeball texture, did a Cut, Revert, went back into the component, and did a Paste in Place.

MAN SITTING.skp (623.8 KB)

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Thanks for your help, this is very helpful :smiley: :+1: