Help aligning back slats for an Adirondack chair model

I’m having difficulty coming up with a way to align tapered back slacks along the cure of the back supports for an Adirondack chair I’m modeling. What is the best approach to accomplish this? Would you suggest creating a solid back with the follow me tool and let cut the slat out of that solid? I’ve attached a couple pictures to help with my description.


This is ancient but it shows how I do it.

It’s actually a bit easier now with newer versions. A few steps aren’t needed in the process.


Thanks Dave. That clears up a lot, I’ll give it a go. I’m curious as to which steps aren’t needed with newer versions?


Here’s a couple of them. There’s no need for an extension to mark the centers of the arcs on the two back support rails. That’s now a built in feature. And for aligning the rotation of the center back slat so it lays on the supports. Just hit the right arrow key to orient the rotation about the red direction.

Good luck.

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