Help about a simple Handle drawing



This is a simple drawing of a handle:

and this is from the front:

but from the front I want to make it look like this: (as the red curved lines)

Any help please?


Draw “cutters” that pass through the handle and use Intersect Faces.


Hi Dave and thanks for the reply!


Hi Dave, I tried to do as you told me but I cannot do it.

First what do you mean by draw ‘‘cutters’’?
And second I don’t know how to use Intersect Faces.

I am using SU16, do I need to download any plugins for this?


Imagine you have the real handle in front of you and it doesn’t have the concave curves on the top and bottom as in your first screen shot. And imagine you could cut those curves in a single pass with a wide, curved cutter. Draw that cutter. In my screen shot, the “cutters” start out on the left as the green shapes with the arcs.

Use Push/Pull to push the cutter faces through the drawer pull. Then select all of the geometry, right click on it and choose Intersect Faces>With Selection. Finally, erase everything that isn’t the drawer pull and correct any reversed faces.

No. I didn’t use any plugins for the example I made. I only did what I told you to do.


It’s OK now, I got it. Good technique :wink:

Thanks Dave!