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Cpo1 here. Background: Prosthetics. Now: Semi-retired. Familiar with Sketchup, Fusion 360, Several Adobe products,typical utility and MS products. Have been using computers since the days of Tandy Trash 80, IBM System 23, and onward. Not a pro, by any means, but have general knowledge in several areas of computers and related technologies. Now, my opinion. Several years ago, Adobe used to frustrate the heck out of me, due to the fact that if I forgot to shut down one of their online programs, I was unable to restart the program again on another off-site computer until my “open” programs were shut down, or until I contacted Adobe by phone and they reset my system. Granted, it is my responsibility to close programs, but there are times when that doesn’t get done. Even so, Adobe fixed this issue.Now, and for several months or years, with Adobe, if I log into their system and… my license usage (2 computers) is full, they now simply ask (online) if I would like to reset my license. When affirmed, all of my licenses are reset, which knocks all of my computers off line and the license starts up again with my request being # 1. Shame on me if I have not saved data on a “left open” computer. Then, I can once again log into the Adobe system and any of my computers that were left on or “hot” are disabled. I send this now because I keep getting “want to start your new trial” with Sketchup Pro, even though I have a valid yearly subscription. Perhaps I am doing something wrong, but haven’t figured that part out yet. And finally I have been unable to find a phone number for Sketchup support. Open to suggestions. Grumpy old man.

In a browser, go to myaccount.trimble.com and sign in with the email that bought the subscription.

In the ‘Member’ section, be sure the email address has ‘Product Access’
(Click on the three dots at the end)

In SketchUp, sign out and back in to check if the system recognizes the right plan.

The desktop versions save locally on your computer, if you wanna have access on other devices, you can use [menu]. File > Trimble Connect and publish it in the cloud.

When you git a message that say’s ‘Activated on to many devices’ go to the AMP and check the ‘My Products’ section on the left.
Click ‘View Included Apps’ and then on ‘Manage Devices’ in the SketchUp Pro app.

This will trigger the system to a new sign in on all devices where you have SketchUp installed.

Thanks Mike. Presto! The licensed version was unchecked for some reason and there were two others open, Free and Trial. When I went back in, it said my subscription was expired. However, I logged out again and back in and things look okay now. Still puzzled, but happy. Information is now in my lastpass troubleshooter folder. Thanks again.

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In trying to make the deauthorizing of other machines easier to do, I submitted screenshots of how Adobe does it, to give our designers an example of a better way to do that. So far we haven’t managed to be quite as easy as Adobe!


SSO would be nice to have, too.
FWIW, It took Adobe four years to get there.
There have been many changes in the Trimble AMP, already.
With the introduction of the new Studio, it obviously needed the recent update of the product access and managing multiple users and its roles.

Well, it looks like you guys are “on it”. Thanks. Nice to see.