Heavy Screen Group - Please help

Hello! Fairly new to sketch up. Trying to build a screen for a large house. Looks like I made it way too heavy and my model is now super slow. Could y’all help me make this screen better? I’d love for it to be able to cast shadows.

In reality, this screen will be a 3/8" thick steel plate with waterjet holes cut out. I’d like to convey this thickness, shadow play and steel detail to the client - as much as possible. The troublesome screen is attached. Thank you for any help - even if it is “use another program”!

Screen File

No file attached.

If the pattern is repetitive, you might consider using a component made up of a small part of it and then copy it to make the rest of the screen. Here’s a quickie example.

I made this element as a component.

The total saved file size is 106 Kb.

I made an array of them to make a 6 foot square screen and put a frame around it. The total saved file size is 316Kb.

The geometry could still give your graphics card a workout but the file size is minimal.

Let’s see - did the file attach now? Claimed it uploaded!

Somehow I made this screen (4’x8’) 37,746 KB! Not sure how that happened.

I started with a 4’x8’ plane. Arrayed circles over the face and then pulled the plane to make a 3/8" thick sheet with circles in it.

I have to put about 50 of the panels all over the house! The whole house model ended up being very slow and 95,858 KB.

Thanks for any help


This is the screen model

You didn’t make the file accessible.

This is why your file is so large. Do what I suggested above instead.

Got it - thank you

FWIW, after you’ve arrayed the component to make the screen, open one of the components for editing and hide the edges and faces at the seams. Note that you must make the element a component, not a group.