Healing Snowflake Crashes SketchUp



I have a Koch snowflake comprised of 49,152 one-inch edges. When I try to “heal” it to make a face, it completely crashes SketchUp. This is true for 2015, 2016, and 2017.

koch_snowflake_7.skp (2.3 MB)


Can confirm - drawing-over an edge crashed with no BugSplat. SU 2017.


crashes on my mac as well, but with a BugSplat…

Crash Report #20933

maybe @Barry will have a look…

PS. I scaled it to 1m edges first…



Windows users check your Event Viewer for SketchUp application crash report(s).


It crashes on SketchUp 8 as well. It also crashes on this model with only 12,288 edges in the snowflake:

koch_snowflake_6.skp (583.2 KB)


I just did a crash on SU2016, and then checked for any WER reports, both in %AppData% and in %ProgramData% paths.

Windows Error Reporting is not catching the crashes.


I tried grouping all the edges, and then editing the group, but it still crashes.


It can get the …_6.skp to face if I spit it by grouping approx 33% of its edges and adding a cross line in the group to make a face.
Then exploding the groups back together…
Then erasing the coplanar edges…
It also PushPulls OK - although it’s then enormous !

2d SKP attached…
koch_snowflake_6.skp (811.0 KB)


I made this https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/768f89d6189216976010ef4e9f34d604/Koch-Snowflake-Ornament-III about five years ago and was revisiting the snowflakes again when I ran into this problem. The model above would be a “level 5” IIRC.

[added] I had this 3D printed in laser-sintered nylon:


I can reproduce this crash and have entered it in our Bug tracking system. Thanks for finding it!


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