Having trouble with axis positions that appear to change as I make various selections while modeling

ribbon burner.skp (139.4 KB)

Hello everyone,

I am struggling with how the axis position is changing as i am selecting the various components and groups within my model. I have attached the model in question as well as created scenes to show the axis behavior as I make various selections.

How do I properly position the axis so as to eliminate all this confusion?

I began the model by drawing the bottom burner housing plate at the origin position. All other burner housing components were drawn off the burner housing bottom plate.

The refractory block was drawn as a rectangle off origin and moved into position within the fully drawn burner housing.

I’m not fully grasping the concept of positioning axis or its proper usage.

Thank you for any helpful insights on why I am seeing what I have shown in each scene of my model.


Hi Rick,

I’m not sure how you did it but it looks like you’ve moved the model axes for each scene. Right click on an axis line, choose Reset, and then right click on the scene tab and choose Update. Rinse and repeat for the other scenes.

By the way, I notice you have a bunch of geometry tagged. All edges and faces should be left untagged. Only components and groups should get tags.
Screenshot - 8_7_2022 , 10_30_01 PM

I fixed the axes here.
ribbon burner.skp (135.2 KB)

Thank you Dave!

Dave I needed to draw a pitched baffle plate with vent holes that inserts inside the burner housing above the refractory block. I am attaching the updated model (still has my wonky axis positioning and tagging errors).

I am unable to figure out how to make the series of cylinder cutters a solid component/group so I can use it as a multi-drill of sorts to cut the vent holes into each side of the baffle plate. I have watched a few you tubes on this but still having some difficulty.

Scene 5 shows the baffle plate and cutter.

ribbon burner.skp (196.5 KB)

Hi Rick. I’ll take a look.

Your cylinders are solid component instances within the Hole cutter component.

Hi Dave looks like you saved your changes in SU 2022. I don’t have a 2022 subscription. only classic pro license for 2021.

You should still be able to open the file, Rick. The file is the same for both versions.

i was able to open it from su 2021 but the model no longer includes the list of in model components.

And now I have forgotten how we made that series of cutters solid?


Are you looking at the In Model components in the Components panel? There aren’t many components left after we purged unused.
Screenshot - 8_8_2022 , 11_07_59 AM

We opened the top level component, selected all the cylinder components and exploded them.

Dave I just went back and clicked on the Home icon in the model components section and then they showed up.

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Correll_4x6_Ribbon_Burner.skp (209.8 KB)
Good morning Dave,

I am continuing to model that burner for my gas forge. I have started over from scratch using some of the techniques we discussed last time. the holes and burner tubes were modeled onto the baffle plate and pulled into 3d versus designed as individual components and trying to place them onto the plate. much easier.

However I am still having an issue creating the multiple cutter concept. I can’t seem to get the group of cutters to convert into a solid for group trimming of the refractory block.

Another thing I noticed is that when you use native solid tools to trim the cutter from the refractory block it removes the tagging assignment from the refractory block. Why is that happening?

I have to run out for a couple hours, I need a better understanding of how that open top-level component then select all then explode works. I can’t seem to get the explode option when following that sequence.

Thank you,


Hi Rick. I’ll be out most of the day but maybe we can connect later or tomorrow.

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Select the components, make a group or component. Open the group/component for editing and explode the inner components.

You could explode the components first, then select the geometry and make the component/group. I did it in this order as a sort of safety thing to prevent the possible merging of the geometry with other ungrouped geometry. No worries in your particular model but I tend to do things like this with the safe method.

Hi Dave,

sorry the day got away from me. i continued to play around with my model and the issue of related to the multi-cutter problem. I was able to figure it out finally. Then I spent the evening designing another forge concept using the burner assembly we have been messing with.

Charlie at Correll Glass Studio gave some excellent insights into burner/forge function and sizing.
the project is coming along. should have the burner, gas supply, blower and safety equipment by end of September.
Forge plan.skp (536.4 KB)