Having issues saving 'Cfile exception 11'

Hello, I am running sketchup and regardless of the file, i am unable to save it. And it displays Cfile exception 11 error message.

Help would be appreciated.

Sounds like a sharing access violation ??
When you installed you must do it correctly.
You can repair the installation without losing data as follows…
Close SketchUp & Layout [if open].
Find the SketchUp installer’s exe file - usually in your downloads folder.
Select its icon and right-click > context-menu > Run as administrator.
When a dialog appears choose ‘Repair’
When it’s completed restart SketchUp and see if it’s improved…

Run an installer’s exe in any other way can produce unexpected weirdness - often centered around permissions. So never double-click an exe to ‘Run’ it, even if your user-account has admin-powers it’s not the same thing…

thank you for the swift response!

The only issue i have is that i have sketchup through my uni. i get it with ‘appsanywhere’ where it is downloaded with ‘cloudpaging player’
Which means i cant find a sketchup installer file.

If your uni is using a SketchUp for university subscription for you - the installers can be found on myprofile.sketchup.com

If they aren’t using that and you are installing via another method. Then you will need to contact them as

  1. It has possibly allowed you to install things incorrectly. This could be at your end or theirs.

  2. It will need them to configure a license for you.

Those types of errors are often caused if there is another piece of software accessing the file as SketchUp tries to.
Cloud sync , network sync or antivirus type programs are common culprits.

Now we get more info…
If you are working on a SKP file that’s on a remote server it can [will] cause issue with permissions etc when trying to save remotely…
It’s best to work on copies locally on your PC, and save them locally; when you are done for that session you can copy the files across onto the network for final storage…
That way you have a copy ‘in-hand’.