Having an issue with shifting entities and dimensions

I am having an issue and cannot figure out how to correct it or to create a work-around. I am working on a set of design drawings and have several ‘pages’ set up. on one I have several different deck details depicted for different areas of the project and they are shown in three [3] separate windows, but from the same model. I have them dimensioned on each window and that is fine, but when I want to realign one of the windows some of the dimensions on that window shift with the move of the window itself and do not stay with the model.


I have grouped the column grid and dimensions together and the same thing happens, I have even locked the group and the same thing happens.


With only the screenshots to look at it appears that you have Object Snap turned off so your dimensions aren’t actually anchored to the model. If you were to share the LO file it would be easier to diagnose exactly what is going on.

Object Snap is turned on……

How do I send you the layout file if there is a sketchup Model needed for the Layout drawing?

If it’s less than about 16 Mb drag and drop the LO file into a reply. Otherwise upload it to DropBox and share the link. The SketchUp model is included as part of the LayOut file so no need to upload it separately.

Please take a look at this file…I am just trying to resize the window in the upper left corner of the page and see what happens.


I don’t know why but your dimensions weren’t anchored to the model. I redid the dimensions (and put them on the 0-Dimensions layer) and resizing the viewport is no trouble.

I note quite a lot of incorrect tag usage in your SketchUp model. This won’t affect these dimensions but it’s a thing to watch.
Screenshot - 12_8_2022 , 5_19_07 PM

thanks…but what do you mean about wrong tags in the model???

Not wrong tags in the model. All raw geometry (edges and faces) should be created and remain untagged. Only the groups and components in the model should be given tags.

I will take that under consideration……old habits die hard….

Understood. The “rule” about keeping geometry untagged goes back to the beginning of SketchUp. It’s actually a cool thing because you don’t wind up chasing the active tag (since Untagged should always be active) and so there’s less chance of making a cluster of your model.