Have sketchup software api for web integration?

SketchUp does not have a Python API or Python bindings for its API.
See also this similar topic: Python bindings for SketchUp APIs?

  • You could learn Ruby, which is a very intuitive language. You can try it here or in the embedded Try Ruby tutorial in Ruby Console+. However, Python and Ruby have somewhat different paradigms: Python is strict about indentation, methods only appear under a single name (that you need to know or lookup) and it tends more towards procedural and global functions (len([0, 1, 2])) whereas Ruby has many synonyms/aliases for many methods (that you can easily guess) and tends more towards stricter object orientation ([0, 1, 2].length, length is a method of Array).

  • Regarding Python, there exist two inofficial projects that I didn’t test and that may or may not be up-to-date:

    • pyslapi, bindings using the C/C++ SDK, not the Ruby API
    • py-skp, bindings seem also to be based on the SDK
      They probably do not reflect all methods available in the API and require action by the maintainers to include new API/SDK features.
      They also do not increase platform support to more platforms than SketchUp itself supports.

What is the project that you have in mind? Have you ever any experience using python or using web technologies?
As you know, Python is not supported by web browsers, so it will be of little help for front-end development.
On the other side, SketchUp and its API do not run on servers, so they are of little help for back-end development.