Have Problems With the licence

I have a some questions about the license, Yesterday I did a formatting for my computer but I forgot remove the license,
Will I have a problem activating the license again?
If I had some problem that I can do more?

LIcenses are attached to the MAC-adress of the motherboard, so It should be possible, have you tried?
Be sure to install by right clicking on the installer file and choose ‘run as Administrator’

What Mike said…

Also keep the following in mind: the licence allows two installations (one per separate machine), use not be simultaneously.

: O Thanks . I don’t have a problems with the activation.
Greetings from Mexico

Just be aware that it is possible that if you install it on a laptop or second pc you may get an issue with it saying you have installed it twice already.
If that happens you would need to contact Trimble support to get them to ‘ignore’ the lost license.

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