Have Placemaker maps- how to edit all tiles for saturation/contrast/brightness?

I have Placemaker imagery/map downloaded. It’s composed of many individual tiles.
I can’t approach this like the standard Snapshot and Terrain that’s downloaded thru SketchUp; that’s all one jpeg.
The individual map tiles in Placemaker means that I can’t just select the map material and Edit.
Well I can…but I have to do that to every single tile identically.

Can anyone think of a way to edit saturation/contrast/brightness of the Placemaker imagery? (I want to fade it out.) Yes, I could take the graphic output of sketchup (just the imagery map layer) into PS and edit there if I am just working on exactly one view…,but I’m trying to do this within sketchup so it appears the same regardless of where I am viewing.

Are you able to share the file for us to take a better look? If over 5 mb (as I assume it is) you can link to file share site like dropbox, WeTransfer etc.

Link to file

In the past I have made a plane, gave it a white material with a degree of transparency and suspended it over my image by a few inches…so it acted as a translucent sheet of mylar. Not very controllable.

Is this what you want to obtain?

I used Sketchup 8 and D.Bur’s Fast Texture Writer (v3) plugin as in my GIF, to automatically replace all the desired textures.
This option also involves using a photo editing program, but everything done automatically.

In the photo editing program, if you have Photoshop, then use Action and Scripts, in Affinity use APhoto Macros, etc… to automatically turn your photos into some with 50% transparency (a lot of tutorials for that on Youtube).

Nice process. I was unaware of that texture export extension. Learn something new everyday. I think this is probably the fastest way to do it. SketchUp’s native materials editor wasn’t designed to work with multiple images at once. Something like a photoshop action in SketchUp would be cool…then you can make a change to one image and then apply the settings to another. Maybe someday :wink:


Eric, me neither, until I started looking for a solution for this discussion. :slight_smile:


Yeah- that’s pretty much what I’m trying for.
I have the paint.net editor and that works pretty well. Nice little free editor.
After the edit, I Save…but Sketchup is trying to do a Save As.
Where are these stored? they are not in the standard location for the native sketchup materials. I need to path to a location to save the edits.

Also, with the Texture Exporter approach…where is it exporting them to? I’m going to use photoshop to batch edit them.

I saved in the same folder with the skp file. It creates a sub-folder itself - textures.