Have a project that needs to be modeled...looking for live tutor help

I have a construction project that needs to be modeled. I am learning SU and have watched a lot of the tutorials and have completed some of the project modeling. But, there are things I am trying to do that are not working like it does in the tutorial.I do believe I have an issue with my Logitech mouse; the rotate does not work from the wheel…yes, I am pressing the wheel to click/hold. I am a 60+ year-old ex software exec, so not a tech newbie.

Is getting some one-on-one guidance something that often occurs through the SU Community forum?

I could help you with that. Send me a PM by clicking on my name and then Message.

Hi Tames, hi folks.

The mouse wheel is used to Zoom in and Zoom out by rolling the wheel.

If you press the wheel down, without rolling it and then move the mouse, it shall activate the Orbit Tool.

If you press the SHIFT key while pressing the mouse wheel, you activate the Pan Tool.

Of course the Orbit Tool, the Pan Tool and the Zoom Tool can be activated by clicking on their respective tool icon and then used with dragging the mouse, but the above mentioned way of using them makes for a very quick and easy navigating system. You can Pan, Orbit and zoom using the same physical tool, namely the mouse wheel and the SHIFT key.

Notice that the Orbit Tool is just a way of moving the camera around a model. The Pan Tool is a way of moving the camera left, right, up or down and the Zoom Tool speaks for itself. Using any of these three tools only change the way of looking at a model.

To physically add something on a model, you need to use the drawing tools, like the Line Tool, the Circle Tool, etc. or the Move Tool or the Rotate Tool. To physically change the position or the orientation of some geometry, you need to use the Move Tool or the Rotate Tool. You can also change the size of geometry by using the Scale Tool.

Just ideas.


Attach model progress image(s) and/or SKP file for specific tips modeling issues.

Clicked on your name as instructed, and am sending message. Is this a PM or part of the conversation thread?

Well, I guess that answers that.

Aloha Dave,

I am still interested in getting some instructional help. I did have a session with one SU tutor and accomplished a good amount of project development but still looking for some techniques/technical guidance.


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Greetings, Thames.

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