Hatch front and backface

Is it possible to hatch the front face and the backface in one command?.

Or is it possible to ‘copy’ the hatch of the front to the back or the other way around?.

It would be very handy if the hatch would automaticly botyh sides in one time.

See if setting your (hatch) texture to opacity 99% instead of 100% works for you.
That way you’ll get front and back faces painted in one operation.
Later you could set the texture back to 100% opacity if needed.


Where can i change that?

Select a face with the texture.
In ‘Entity Info’ select the texture of the face for editing > use the ‘Opacity’ slider to set to 99% or less > OK > OK.

Next time when sampling this changed texture it will paint both faces at the same time.

Goodmorning, unfotunately, i’ve tried several faces, did put both sides on Opacity 99%, bij when i hatch them, only 1 face is hatched. What am i doing wrong.

To paint new faces on both sides at once you need to sample the (hatch) texture from a face that has already that texture set to 99%. Not the same looking original texture that you get from the ‘Paint bucket’ library… In fact you sample a texture plus its setting 99% from an existing face.
Otherwise it won’t work.

I think it is way to complicated and time assuming this way, maybe i’ll find an other way in the future.

Thanks anyway foor the Replys

Too complicated and time consuming? Why? It take just a (one time) few clicks and from there it’s as fast as any other instant tool.

Probably inexperience then, i will look into it, Thanks for your support