Has anyone requested a non-print layer?

A layer to create construction line or notes etc. which the user can see but that do not print or cannot be seen in the PDFs. In Autocad I use this to store information for other user that access the file and leave information that will help clarify why things where done and who requested them ( a lot of our jobs are go on for years and personal changes, so this really helps us down the road.

If you have a work around I’d love to hear it.


How about creating an extra layer, called ‘rubbish’ or ‘notes’, that you assign to the notes, dimensions etc. that you don’t wish to print. disable the layer’s visibility before printing.
In fact, set up one extra scene for printing.

Edit: sorry, I didn’t see it was a Layout feature request.

Yes! I was searching for a method a while back…

My main issue would continue to be that scrapbook items still don’t retain layer statuses, so anything built into the “no print” layer would have to be adjusted regardless. But if there were some way to account for this it would be great! Anything that could simplify the manual process (and trying to get others to use it correctly) would be a boon in my book.

Hopefully this is something we will see in future versions of the program.

Maybe something utilizing the same idea as the red arrows that show up when there is more text then the size of the box. it shows up in Layout, but it does not print.

Just a though.

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I’m looking for the same capability. It would be great to have a visible non-plotting layer in Layout. Keep us informed of the progress.

+1 for a non printed Layer in Layout.

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