Has a 3D Warehouse web redesign ruined browsing?

Hello! I just joined this forum as I don’t know where else to go with this.

I use the 3D Warehouse in my browser (Brave) to find models for my Live Home 3D project (I don’t use Sketchup). I was just now browsing, when the site updated with a whole new interface. Suddenly, there are no longer “related models” or “related collections” shown when viewing a model. Is there any way to get this back? Does anyone know why it was taken away? I had great use of this feature.

What’s worse, is that it seems the option to sort search results by relevancy is gone. Is there any way to get this feature back? I am dumbfounded. Now, the closest thing you get is sorting results by popularity, which is much, much less useful. In my example, I search for “lamp” - before, I was sorting by relevancy and yielding a bunch of different lamps, as you might expect. Now, sorting by popularity, the first pages of results are full of models of seating arrangements and other stuff that may or may not (!) include a model of a lamp within it. This practically renders search unuseable.

Did I accidentally stumble into a sort of mobile view of the site? Does anyone have any idea as to why they would remove “sort by relevancy” functionality? Any help is greatly appreciated. I so enjoy this hobby of mine.



See this post:

That doesn’t answer my prayers. Should I reply to that post with my questions instead?

You can reply to that post.

Thank you

I’m not sure why you would expect to have access to free content from the 3D Warehouse for your business use since you aren’t even using SketchUp.

I am using the free content for my hobby, as alluded to in my original post. No issue there. My inquiry is about the browsing of the website.

Hi pindebraende! Apologies that the changes caught you off guard. Sort by relevance was not included with the relaunch. We are reevaluating the old heuristic model that was used in the past to see if we have another, more useful option that is easier to maintain.

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