Handrail cables

I have been using the followme command to extend the cables from one post to the next but it is a lot of time-consuming. I am just trying to use the cables from the horizontal guardrail. See attached file.
Is there a way to do it more efficiently?
Thank you in advance!!

Handrail.skp (96.3 KB)

Why Follow Me? Why from post to post? Why not just Push/Pull since its a straight run? Make one wire as a component and then copy it to make the rest. I left them sticking out the end for the example but they don’t have to.

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Or avoid cable railings altogether! They are a disaster over time. Not really a modeling comment, I know, but I would avoid using them when possible.

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Thank you Dave.
Sometimes working continuously on a project, my mind gets blocked :confused:

The cables usually do go continuously from first to last post in the real world.

If you do a lot of this stuff, Profile Builder might be worth the time and money.

Try Vali Fence and Railing its only $26

I just draw lines, make component and copy them down the post.


I’ve also done a very thin rectangle for the sake of elevations. Doesn’t matter so much in plan.

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Indeed, even just a basic billboard + shape of 2 rectangles would solve that.
Anything more than that is a waste of geometry for something so small