Handling of big files in Sketchup

First of all, I’m new here in the forum, so please be tolerant if this topic has already been discussed. --> First of all 2, I use Sketchup since many years very intensively. I’m someone who also trains others in Sketchup. ---- Well, I’m surprised that users of other CAD systems can handle huge CAD files, especially in the Autodesk world. Huge halls, detailed down to the last screw. Then machines and systems are added and the colleagues can still handle the drawing. The whole thing can only work in such a way that their CAD system automatically uploads only the most important areas into the memory. When will this work in Sketchup? That is much more important than the mostly unimportant changes in the new versions, e.g. 2021.I certainly use the faster computer than the mentioned colleagues. When I get drawings from them I am busy for a day to delete things to be able to continue working in a certain area. Most of the time I have to redraw everything to be able to collaborate.
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How does the CAD software know what is important to the user?

In SketchUp, I would create tags for the various parts of the model (structure, furniture, decorations, nuts and bolts, etc.) and assign those tags to the corresponding model components. Then it becomes easy to toggle on and off the components which are desired at any given moment.

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