Handle deleted components without a purge

Hi, I am searching a way to handle deleted components in SketchUp C API, but I cannot find a way to do that.

Of course, if the unused component of SketchUp is purged, the components do not appear in the skp file, but if I do not purge the unused components the components appear in the skp file, there is a way (a function or something) to know if the component is in use or not?

Tank’s a lot!




Thanks @DanRathbun I’m going to try with these functions.

There are any examples?

Examples are all in the SDK package.

I am facing the same issue while importing SKP file.

How to avoid importing unused components ?

Is any API available in C++ SketchUp SDK ?

The old C++ SDK is no longer supported and way out of date.

I answered above what functions can be used with the newer C API.